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Myanmar Contestant, Han Lay Pleads International Aid!

Han Lay, a pageant contestant from Myanmar used the Miss Grand International Pageant platform to appeal for immediate international aid for her country as security forces repressing protests against last month’s coup and have already killed more than 100 people, as per a report by The Associated Press.

Yangon University sophomore Han Lay, who participated in the Miss Grand International pageant held in the Thai capital, Bangkok made a public appeal on the platform.

Han Lay said that she deeply felt sorry for the people who lost their lives on the streets.

Every citizen of the world wants the prosperity of their respective countries and a peaceful environment. In doing so, the leaders concerned should not abuse their powers, she said.

Han Lay - Myanmar
Image Courtesy: Al Arabiya

“Today in my country, Myanmar, while I am going to be on this platform, more than a hundred people have already died. I am deeply grieved for all the people who have lost their lives,” she added, holding her tears back.

“I want to speak for my country here that, please help Myanmar. We need significant international help right now.” Han Lay has been very frank about the protest movement.

Video of Han Lay’s Plead for Myanmar:

The death toll in Myanmar has been on a continuous rise as security forces have grown increasingly violent in subduing those protesting against the 1 February coup that ousted the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

The situation has drawn a significant amount of international criticism from the European Union, the US and others countries.

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