Mandalas Are More Exciting Than Just Being an Art!

Often people remain confused about what these circular drawings are and how to draw them. The word Mandala means a circle in Sanskrit language. The motive of the Mandala is to heal the inner self and to lead you towards a beautiful journey of self-discovery.

Mandalas are a representation of powerful existence, a phase of creativity, and a more profound connection with the universe and own self at large. Something magical happens inside you when you draw mandalas.

Here are a few facts about Mandalas that will help you understand them more:

1. Meditation:

Traditional cultures used Mandalas a lot for meditation and spiritual purposes. The idea was to find inner peace and be able to de-stress via comfortable drawing and art. Even today, people draw these circles widely for meditation, healing, recovery, art therapy, and prayer.

According to some studies, they are also said to reduce pain and stress, ease depression, lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and even promote sleep.

Though they may sound very simplistic, getting yourself in drawing mandalas no doubt enables you to find inner peace, meditate, and discover yourself!

2. Forms & Shapes:


As said above, these circles can bear any form of art inside them. To engage in drawing beautiful Mandalas, you don’t have to be a professional, or have mad artistic skills, or a degree in arts.

All you need to do is work on drawing circles to relieve stress, anxiety, and internal disturbances. Believe in the magic of intricacy!

3. Discovering Your Inner Self:

Engaging yourself in drawing mandalas is a type of meditation. And anything that involves meditation or spiritual practice enables you to discover yourself.

These circles and artistic practices were even common among traditional people to help discover themselves at times when they used to feel lost.

4. Leisure:

Though the main motive to engage in drawing these circles is to get self-discovering and spiritual experience, you can also draw them for fun and leisure. This does not require an elaborate thinking process.

You can easily start drawing circles and make your own designs. Regular practise will make you perfect, and once you know how to draw it, it will start giving you a weird satisfaction.

5. Solve Life Problems:

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When you feel messed up and lost in life, engaging yourself in drawing Mandalas can help you get better, focussed and a clear vision of life. While drawing these symmetrical circles, your left brain becomes more active.

Thus helping you achieve a positive perspective, enjoy things at the moment. Mandala art allows you to set your thinking aside and enable your intuition to speak. Creating mandalas can be fun, exciting, simple, beautiful, and stress-relieving activity.

6. Colouring the mandala:


Each colour you will be using has its own specific meaning. You can use these colours to give a better meaning to the things you want to attract in life. Take a dip into the table below to understand the meaning of the colours:

 RedStrength, more energy and passion
PinkLove, femininity and intuition
Orange Creativity, self-awareness, intuition & transformation
YellowWisdom, learning, laughter and happiness
 Green Physical healing, psychic ability, nature and caring
 BlueEmotional healing, inner peace and meditation
 PurpleAll things spiritual, for spiritual focus
BlackDeep thinking, mystery and individuality

Some people draw and colour the mandalas with the intention to attract a certain things into their lives, while the rest draw these colourful intricately designed circles as an art form, or to even gain mental peace and satisfaction or even as a recreational activity.

What do you think?

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