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Beware! This Is How TikTok Trying To Make A Comeback

It was no secret that India was a huge market for ByteDance-owned popular app TikTok. Ever since at the end of last month, the Indian government banned the short-video app, the company has been facing heat from other quarters as well.

Reports have suggested how the US also has been considering a ban on TikTok. Similarly, it was reported that Amazon had ‘banned’ employees but the e-commerce giant backtracked on it. It comes as little surprise that ByteDance has been making several moves to make a ‘comeback’.

A report by Reuters suggested that ever since the news about US considering banning the app, the company has been looking to ‘disconnect’ from China. One of things that’s on the agenda for ByteDance is to do corporate restructuring.

Under this, as per the Reuters report, TikTok will set up its new headquarters at a new location. As of now, TikTok has five main offices which are located in London, Los Angeles, New York, Dublin and Mumbai.


It has been suggested that TikTok’s new headquarters will come up in one of these five cities. Not just that TikTok recently appointed a new CEO. Kevin Mayer, who was heading Disney+ too over as CEO for TikTok as well as named COO for ByteDance.

The Chinese connection has got it banned from India after the two countries had military tensions brewing on the border. The idea for TikTok is to shed its Chinese image and project that it does not have any ties with the Chinese government as such.

In fact, TikTok is not allowed to operate in China at all and its main servers are also located in the US. TikTok wants to be more of an American company rather than a Chinese one.

The appointment of Mayer has been seen as one of the big steps in that direction and now setting up new headquarters could be another move to cut its Chinese connection.

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