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Among Us Hacks 101 & How To Be Safe!

Over a previous couple of months, humanity has learned to measure, to survive without routine physical interactions, hangouts, and normalcy. It’s been incredibly challenging of course, but because of some meticulously created tools, we’ve become familiar with this quarantine life and everything that comes with it.

Online multiplayer and social deduction game, Among Us, has been one such rare blessing amid the raging pandemic. it’s allowed us to require a breather and have interaction during a fun, game for a change, allow us to argue with our friends and family for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately, with the soaring popularity, has come the standard flock of “low-lives”; hackers who would do anything to spoil the mood of an honest casual game. Today, we’ll take a glimpse at the records of hacking in Among Us and tell you ways to spot whether there was any hacking or cheating.

Are there cheaters in Among Us?

Among Us happens to be the foremost trending game on the earth, which, unfortunately, has made it a beacon for hackers, cheaters, and modders. the entire idea of this game is to interact in discussions and debates with friends and determine who the imposter is.

And since it’s a social deduction game, the sole legit thanks to finding the imposter is by voting or taking eye-witnesses under consideration. the other method, regardless of how harmless they appear, is unethical and takes the fun quotient out of this interesting game.

There indeed are cheaters in Among Us, but not all of them work an equivalent way. The cheaters of the primary kind — and therefore the commonest — don’t use fancy tools to disrupt the sport.

They simply communicate with other players — who happen to be their friends — to seek out out who the important imposter is. Since outside communication is strictly prohibited, the under-the-table discussions among friends are highly unethical and suck the life-force out of the sport.

The cheaters of the second kind are tons more professional in their approach. They don’t depend upon others — friends — to speak and determine who the imposter is. Instead, they take it upon themselves to use various modding tools to show the imposter, kill crew members, and rush through the map without anyone knowing.

These hackers/modders are plaguing the sport over the last month, and therefore the reports of malpractice are acknowledged by the independent developers of the award-winning game.

What is InnerSloth’s response to those reports?

The developing studio, InnerSloth, have seen the concerning reports across the web and are gearing up to require appropriate measures within the near future. The team consists of only 3 developers, which has made the filtering job exceptionally difficult.

However, despite their apparent numerical disadvantage, InnerSloth has assured that a patch would be out and about very soon.

In a Discord chat with Kotaku, the programmer and business lead Forest Willard assured: “We’re rushing to urge an accounting in situ so we will have better moderation and reporting systems built around that. Also getting help with making the servers better at detecting and blocking hacks. And investigating client-side hack prevention also. I’m kind of scrambling to urge all the proper people in situ, but I’m attacking it from multiple angles so it can recover in some ways hopefully all directly.”

So, as we will decode from Willard’s statement, Among Us will soon have a strong reporting system to require on the cheating problem, head-on. And while it’s going to not be ready to combat conspiring friends, it could certainly take the fight to modders or aspiring hackers.

Has anyone hacked into Among Us so far?

As we’ve discussed within the previous section, there are many modders on the platform, with varying abilities. Some modders are capable of activating instant kill, some can zap past you without drawing attention, some can call infinite emergency meetings, then forth.

See @Poco_BrawlStars video below to ascertain how lop-sided the sport can become with a mod. The user has admittedly used it for demonstration purposes and to warn us about the demons we’d encounter in Among Us.

This is one simple example of mods ruining an ideal game. the continual cheating and deception are turning people away, forcing them to uninstall a game they wholeheartedly enjoyed.

Among Us’ subreddit is filled with such complaints, rants, and tales of why they were uninstalling the much-celebrated title.

The Twitterati, too, isn’t too underdeveloped in terms of voicing dissatisfaction. They find it disgusting and believe that it goes against the spirit of the sport.

“Eris Loris” spam and the way you’ll avoid it:

Reports started coming in (on Oct 22) that game’s userbase has been battling a replacement spam attack that a lot of have come to call as “Eris Loris”.

The attack is targeted in such how those players unknowingly spam their match’s text chat with promotional message toward Eris Loris’ Youtube channel with a couple of them promoting President Donald Trump’s campaign also.

Addressing the hack, Among Us developer, InnerSloth announced that it’s “super-duper” away of the difficulty and an emergency server update is being pushed to players.

However, the difficulty still seems to persist as there are a replacement bunch of reports on Twitter about spam-filled matches.

This why Innersloth has requested players to play private games or games with those you trust.

What do you think?

Written by Infeagle

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