Here are a certain set of guidelines and rules you need to keep in mind to get your articles published at Infeagle.

Our Guidelines:

We expect your posts to be original and free from any kind of plagiarism. We firmly believe in presenting accurate information to our readers, hence it is your responsibility to make sure the information you present is right and is from a valid source.

Given below are some important rules you need to keep in mind before posting your article:

1. Originality. Make sure the articles you submit are plagiarism-free. You can use this to check if your content is plagiarized or not: Plagiarism Checker

2. Your article must not be biased or promote any kind of hate speech.

3. Each article must contain a minimum of 400 words.

4. The articles must be submitted in a proper format.

5. Make sure to give image credits (source) and avoid using copyrighted images.

6. Do not use images with watermarks.

7. Your article must have a heading, subheadings and images\videos.

8. Your article must have a keyword, which must be present in the title and subheadings.

9. Your article must not be controversial or have any terms that might be offensive to any caste, community, religion or creed.

10. If your articles satisfy the above requirements then it will be published with your name credits.

11. If your article violates any of the guidelines, that particular article will get rejected and we will shoot an email to you regarding the grounds on which your article was rejected.

Please note that Infeagle will not be responsible for any kind of legal issues that arise out of the articles published by you.

Also, go through this before posting: HOW TO POST AN ARTICLE AT INFEAGLE: STEP BY STEP GUIDE

Good luck,  
Team Infeagle.