The Importance of Knowing Your Body Type

What Do You Mean by Body Type?

Body type is basically a simple term in the fitness world which complies that knowing about oneself structure of the body and on that basis of body types moving ahead to achieve their fitness goals. In simple words, it means knowing about your health and physique.

Why Is It Important to Know About Your Body Type?

Let’s start the explanation with a simple question “can you do mathematics without knowing the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division ?” the answer is no.

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Similarly, it’s important to know about your body characteristics and type because it will give you an ample amount of information on its working and making it a good physique. What kind of food in what amount and with what ratio you should be taking to achieve your goals is all simply connected with the knowledge about the type of your body.

Benefits of Knowing Your Body Type:

  • Will help you in making good physique.
  • Can help in knowing the food suitability.
  • Can help you in calculating macronutrients.
  • Can help you in selecting the right exercise.
  • Can help you in knowing about your body parts with excess fat.

Body Types and Their Full Characteristics:

Generally, there are three types:

  • Endomorph
  • Ectomorph
  • Mesomorph


endomorph body type

This is the body type which is most common nowadays. To know about this body type is not that difficult but to work on this can be a difficult part but nothing is impossible if you are a having a disciplined regime. In this type, the person will be having a soft and round body which can be easily noticed.

The reason of soft and round body (ample amount of fat) is slow metabolism because the food which you are eating is taking a lot more time than the usual time and above that, you are gulping your other meals without digesting the previous one which results in storage of extra fat. So this is the reason this body type finds it difficult to lose fat.


ectomorph body

This body type is the second usual type which we can see. A lot of goofy stuff can be found on the net but it will not be beneficial for you to find similarity with yourself. This type generally has a trait which is very skinny and very low amount of fat. The simple reason of being skinny is super fast metabolism and they find it difficult to put on muscles because of this.


mesomorph body type

This is a body type which lies in between those two types. This type can easily gain muscle and easily lose fat so, a person with this type is having a good metabolism and can achieve good physique easily with proper nutrition. This type of body is not overweight or underweight ( a person with a good build ).

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