Authentic Korean Dishes You Would Definitely Love!

Korean Food is loved by people worldwide because of its essence and natural ingredients used in its preparations. Korean food has evolved from years of cultural and political changes.

Unlike all other cuisines, Korean cuisine also has side and main dishes. The tradition believes in making Korean food in five different colours namely yellow, red, green, white, and black.

Each is known signifying a direction along with the element. The ingredients are healthy and have many benefits for the body. Some of the unique dishes are listed as under:

1. Samgyeopsal

It is one of the renowned dishes found in South Korea made using slices of pork belly grilled and they are not even seasoned or marinated. It is made simply by dipping them into a seasoning of salt and pepper mixed properly with sesame seed oil.

It is then wrapped in lettuce leaves with pieces of grilled garlic, slices of onions, kimchi, and famous shredded green onions. It is well-loved in Korea.

2. Kimchi

Kimchi is a spicy and sour dish having its origination for such a long time in Korea. It is made using fermented vegetables and preparation needs so many ingredients with cabbage being the common one.

Kimchi has high nutritional value and is loved by foreigners. It also has low calories and high fiber content. Korean dinner is incomplete without Kimchi most of the time.

3. Bulgogi

It is a great savoury dish of grilled marinated beef which is juicy and one of the most delicious dishes of Korea. The grilling Is done using garlic and onions for adding the right flavours to the meat.

The meat is then wrapped in lettuce and traditionally eaten with ssamjang which is a red and thick spicy curry.

4. Kimbap

Kimbap is Korean style sushi which is a popular grab and goes street food resembling more like the Japanese Sushi rolls. This recipe is made using Sushi rice, spinach, any kind of meat, and the stir-fried vegetables wrapped in the form of rolls.

The roll is cut into small sizes and Kimchi is served with the main dish. This is one such item you have to try whenever you find yourself in Seoul.

5. Haemul Pajeon

This dish is perfect for the seafood lovers and is a must added item on your food list. It is made in the shape of a pancake that is crunchy from the outside and soft and juicy from inside.

The batter is prepared using rice and egg and mixing various plates of seafood and green onions to the batter. Some of the common kinds of seafood included are oysters, shellfish, shrimp, and also squids. This pancake dish is accompanied by Korean Rice Wine.

6. Patbingsu

Now, no food list is complete without the addition of dessert to it! Patbingsu is a popular food of Korea made using ice shavings and also sweet toppings.

It is served in a huge bowl along with condensed milk used for decorating the bowl with chopped fruits and red beans. Koreans love eating desserts from large bowls.

Korean Food is great for those looking out for new adventures. Take a dip into it and you will enjoy it to the maximum.

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