5 Water Sports That You Must Try!

From scuba diving and snorkelling, to windsurfing and aqua-fitness, to kayaking and river rafting, you need to simply have the enthusiasm to plunge into waters and have a wonderful experience of a lifetime. However, among the many types of water sports, there are some that stand aside for being extremely dangerous and risky for life.

Let’s have a look at the 5 Water sports that you must try!

1. Cliff Jumping:

SECOND VALLEY CLIFF JUMPING | Jumping pictures, Cliff jumping

Cliff jumping was originated in Hawaii back in 1770 when the last King of Maui, King Kajekili commanded some of his men to leap the island of Lanai’s high cliffs and enter the water feet first without splashing or making any noise into the water so that they could prove their courage and skills, and from then it continues to be a thrilling sport to this day.

2. Cave Diving:

Cave diving in the British Virgin Islands | Virgin

Cave diving is a surreal experience; it allows you to explore unexplored chambers and caverns. Cave divers have been known to describe the experience as the closest thing to being in space – not bragging about it but this is true as I have been lucky enough to experience this myself.

3.  White Water Rafting:

Whitewater Rafting Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

River Rafting is one of those experiences which I can’t forget in my whole life. I have been to water rafting thrice till now and each of them was spectacular. This fun and exciting sport, which has been around since about 1970, is extremely dangerous and risky at the same time.

4. Surfing:

For surfers, Indonesia has never been better - Destinations - The ...

I personally adore this water sport. Surfing over tall and powerful waves of water is something anyone will crave for. It’s like the ocean is gliding with you. But it can be dangerous in a wink of an eye.

5. Kayaking:

Kayaking In India: 10 Places For Paddling Like A Pro In 2020

Kayaking is definitely a group activity. This can be fun and calm if done with a knowledgeable guide in calm and in water with less currents. But at the same time, it has its own setback. Capsizing is an obvious danger in Kayaking.

What do you think?

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