Wolf Blitzer Supports Buffalo Bills
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Wolf Blitzer Dropped a ‘Go Buffalo Bills’ Comment During CNN Coverage!

Wolf Blitzer and his routine CNN election night allies were doing their thing Tuesday night during coverage of the Georgia Senate runoff elections when the host tossed a curveball. In the middle of an astonishingly significant night for American democracy, Wolf Blitzer dropped a “Go Bills” shoutout to his favourite NFL team, Buffalo Bills.

Blitzer and his crew interviewed Georgia elections official Gabriel Sterling, who signed off saying, “Go Dawgs,” a shoutout to the University of Georgia. That got a giggle out of Blitzer, who then said, “Can I just add, go Bills?” And he got a shower of compliments from Magic Wall wizard for his team, Buffalo bill’s marvellous season.

Check out Wolf Blitzer’s ‘Go Buffalo Bills’ Comment:

Wolf Blitzer was brought up in Buffalo and had graduated from the University of Buffalo and is a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan.

The Buffalo Bills finished the season 13-3 and won the AFC East for the first time since 1995, We definitely don’t blame Blitzer for being excited about it. His beloved team will host the 11-5 Indianapolis Colts on the coming Saturday at 1:05 p.m. ET. in the Wild Card round.

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