A Peek Into the Game of Sepak Takraw!

Have you ever heard about the game called Sepak Takraw? did you know it is also called as kick volley ball and it is a three player game? if not, read the article below and get insights about this very interesting game called Sepak Takraw.


The game of Sepak Takraw gets it name from the countries where the sport is most popular. Sepak is the Malay word for kick, and takraw the Thai word for woven ball. The ball is spherical and made out of synthetic fibre.


A team is consists of three players – a server who has to take a position on a circle towards the end of the court, a striker and a bowler who stand on opposite ends of the net. The players are only permitted to touch the ball with their feet, head, knee and chest. The use of hands or forearms is not allowed. A team can have a maximum of three touches before sending the ball over the net. All the three touches can be done either by all the players or even by a single player. If a team exceeds three touches, they lose one point.

Layout of an official sepaktakraw court. | Download Scientific Diagram

A team can lose one point if the ball falls outside the area of play or hits the net and falls back on the same side of the court, or for the use of hands/arms, or when the server lifts his foot away from the circle during the service, or if the players leave their respective circles before the ball goes over the net. Serve changes occur after every three points, regardless of which team wins the point.

Scoring Criteria of Sepak Takraw:

A team event is played within a maximum of three sets. A team that wins the first two sets is declared as the winner. The first team to score 21 points (depending on the game) wins the set.

Asian Games: Singapore settle for sepak takraw bronze in quadrant ...

To win a set, a team has to not only score 21 points but also have a two-point lead. If the score is tied at 20-20, the set is won by the side that either achieves the two-point lead or the ceiling of 25 points, whichever comes earlier.

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