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Untold Story: The Journey of Pankaj Tripathi AKA Mirzapur’s Kaleen Bhai!

Actor Pankaj Tripathi has garnered a massive fan base surrounding him for his stellar performances. The actor has gone through lots of ups and downs in his career and is finally getting some meatier roles like the ones in Stree, Newton, and Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl among the many others.

Now, Pankaj Tripathi who will be seen in the next season of the web series Mirzapur, essaying the role of ‘Kaleen Bhaiya’ opens up about how his career has changed now, and that earlier he had to wait outside offices and he had to say that he is an actor and ask for work.

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According to a report in Hindustan Times, talking about how his career trajectory changed from smaller roles in Gangs of Wasseypur to some great roles now, Pankaj Tripathi mentioned that his career has changed over the past few years.

How Mirzapur Changed Pankaj Tripathi’s Life?

The actor said that his career has changed over the past few years. Earlier, he had to search for work, and now it is searching for him.

As the 44-year-old recalled the times when he was a struggling actor, he mentioned how it was very difficult earlier, to even get to know where a film is being shot.

He shared that as he went to the set, he would be often told that the film unit has shot and already gone.

While Pankaj Tripathi opened up about his struggling days in the film industry, he explained that there was no social media and concept of a casting director when he started off as an actor.

He added, “Of course that has changed. The more difficult it was to search for work before, it is to refuse a film now because of date issues.”

Meanwhile, when asked if he finds it tough to refuse to any filmmaker, or end up hurting their egos, Pankaj Tripathi said it’s not that difficult to reject a film.

He said that the other person should know the genuine reason and mentioned that he makes efforts to at least inform them that he can’t do their projects so that they know. The actor also shared how he cannot act without excitement.

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