7 Places in Madagascar That Offer Everything You Need Post-Pandemic!

Madagascar is one such place in the world where you’ll never get enough of breathtaking experiences. This divine paradise island offers a plethora of things to try for the nature enthusiasts and experience seekers.

From hopping onto islands to examining hiking trails and enjoying trekking to watching the whales breathing, all of the experiences here are fun-filled and authentic. The fourth-largest island within the world will leave you with a lifetime of memories and experiences.

1. Nosy Be – Swim With Sharks:

If you think about yourself a daredevil, then diving with the whale sharks within the deep blue waters of Nosy Be will pique your interest. Madagascan Reefs are among the rare places on earth where you’ll get to swim alongside the whale sharks, manta rays, and stingrays.

The depths of the Indian Ocean treasure fish of variegated colours and coral reefs of indefinite shapes. this is often truly one among the exciting and unique things to try that you ought to not miss at all!

2. Ile Sainte Marie – Whale Watching:

If you’ve got never seen a whale spouting within the sea, you wouldn’t know what an exquisite thing it’s to witness. it’s counted among the amazing things to try to to in Madagascar.

Start the boat to witness the humpback whales who migrate all the way from the South Pole to Sainte Marie channels for breeding and calving.

Witnessing a legion of the enormous aquatic creatures in one place may be a magnificent sight and definitely one among the interesting best things to try here.

3. Andanoka – Paragliding:

Choose a thrilling paragliding adventure here in this island. Paragliding in Madagascar should get on your list of best things to try to to in Madagascar because it provides the terrific views of the Malagasy landscapes.

The granite cliffs of Tsaranoro near Andonaka Village in Madagascar pose an excellent site for paragliding. the instant you look down the gorgeous valley below, you realize that jumping off the Tsaranoro cliff was the simplest decision of your life.

4. Madagascar – Wildlife Tour:

Madagascar has blessed a bountiful sort of flora and fauna. In fact, many of the species of animals and birds are found nowhere else but here. This explains the various wildlife parks and reserves on the island which reveal the foremost unique and rare wildlife in the world.

This is often why it quite makes it one among the foremost essential things to try to to in Madagascar island. Trek through its lush forests and paddle the canoe through the rivers to encounter the dancing lemurs and howling mongoose.

5. Fort Dauphin – Road Trip:

Imagine driving on the road that runs along the blue sea and your hair being blown by the ocean breeze.

If you’ll imagine doing something like this in Madagascar while having fun, Fort Dauphin is simply the place for you. Pictured on the rear of 5000 Malagasy Ariary note, the picturesque landscape of Fort Dauphin will bind you during a spell.

Sunbathing at Libanona Beach and visiting the ruins of Fort Flacourt are few of the interesting things to try to to in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar. this is often one among the simplest things to try to to in Madagascar island.

7. Lake Alaotra – Enjoy A Picnic:


Situated within the northern central plateau, Lake Alaotra is that the largest lake in Madagascar. The basin has marshes and shallow freshwater lakes with dense vegetation.

Reaching the lake isn’t very easy and one has got to drive on poor roads, but once you get there, the sweetness of the place is all well worth the trouble.

The world is rich in flora and therefore the area is home to some endangered and rare species. it’s also a fishing ground of Madagascar.

Enjoy these places in Madagascar to the fullest post pandemic with your family and friends!

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