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New Year’s Eve Without Fireworks: Guam Fire Department

New year's eve guam fireworks

The blares and buzzes that start at sundown and work well into the night, have been an annual fixture of Guam’s seashores on new year’s Eve.

Guam fire department notifies the general public that buying fireworks is against the law.

“Even sparklers, which many consider harmless, are illegal to sell in Guam and extremely hazardous and dangerous,” said Kevin Reilly, Guam fire department spokesman.

While the water boils at 212 degrees, Kevin Reilly noted that sparklers burn nearly sixfold hotter. A spark from one firework could inflame a pile of leaves near someone’s home.

In 2019, fireworks were involved in an approximated 10,000 injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency department, as per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The agency equated average fireworks treatments at 3.1 per 100,000 individuals.

Fire prevention laws:

Only the state of Guam can approve the fireworks shows to ShowPro Pyrotechnics, the island’s sole contractor.

Illegal fireworks, which pack powerful explosives and pose a potential risk to users and bystanders, are main concern of state crackdowns.

Under Guam law, the primary offense of a violation constitutes a penalty of up to $100. The second offense within a 12-month period titles the person to damage of up to $400, but not less than $100. The third offense within a 12-month period subjects the person to a penalty of no less than $1,000.

Any store found selling fireworks will definitely be cited and fined. The Guam fire department will confiscate and destroy the fireworks.

If you’ve got any information regarding illegal fireworks sales, call the Guam Fire Department’s fire prevention bureau at 646-8810 or email

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