These Astonishing Similarities Between PewDiePie & Sushant Singh Will Leave You Speechless!

YouTube sensation PewDiePie posted a video on Youtube reacting to Sushant and in the video, the Youtuber talked about how he feels Sushant is a cool dude and that how he could relate to Sushant in many ways as he too, just like Sushant, dropped out of Engineering college to pursue his dreams and how he wanted to live up to his parent’s expectations.

It’s been more than to Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise and today, after all the wait, his last film- Dil Bechara will release digitally but before the film premieres at 7:30 pm,

In the video, PewDiePie said that he is not going to pretend like he knew who Sushant was but the fact that he recently found out about him and wanted to speak about him in the video.. this guy is a big deal.

“I just watched some videos on him and I thought he seemed like a really interesting dude but unfortunately, he passed away a month back so I wanted to make this video to pay tribute to him, and bring attention to his life. I just think he is a cool dude and I won’t pretend like I was his biggest fan No, I had no idea who he was but I like what I see..”

Also the Youtuber went on to open Sushant’s Wikipedia page and reading out to his subscribers, PewDiePie said he was a big actor, and he has done films like Detective Byomkeshi Bakshi, he got a nomination for best actor and he’s been in commercially successful films like Kedarnath and Chhichhore.

Also, he said, “I found out that he was ranked No 7 in engineering exams in all of India, not bad because I used to study engineering myself .. I remember the pride when I got highest out of 200 people. He came from humble beginnings and I can relate to him. He was also National Olympiad winner in Physics, smart dude basically.”

Now while addressing university students during an event, Sushant talked about dropping out of engineering and PewDiePie said how he could relate to Sushant as he said, “Regardless, he dropped out of engineering and I also dropped out of engineering to pursue his dream to work in showbiz and one of the video I saw when he did this university talk and I thought it was super interesting.”

Also, in the video, when Sushant said that he was an introvert child while growing up, PewDewPie said he was an introvert himself but he found this medium called Youtube to be extrovert.

Also, when Sushant goes on to say in the video that while growing up, money was a big differentiator in his life and to this PewDiePie said that same for him because when he was growing up, his parents were very successful and for him, and he always felt that he needs to live up to their standards to get a job just so I can be like them so there was a lot of pressure.

While Sushant got through his college by entrance exams, PewDiePie reveals he too got through his university after writing entrance exams, which he worked really hard for and PewDiePie goes on to say that it’s crazy how similar experiences they have had.

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