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After Hathras, Another Dalit Woman Rape Case Surfaces!

UP Rape case: Amid the outrage over the brutal (gang) rape case of a Dalit woman in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, who passed away on Tuesday, 29 September, another rape case has been reported from the state.

A 22-year-old Dalit woman died after allegedly being raped by two men in UP’s Balrampur.

According to NDTV reports, the police have arrested two men, and one of them is a minor, the woman’s family said.

The woman’s mother told NDTV that her daughter was abducted while she was on her way to work in the morning. When the girl failed to return home, the family approached the police.

The victim used to work at a private firm in Balrampur. This rape case has highy angered the people after Hathras (gang) rape case.

UP Rape case – Statement of the Police Officials:

Balrampur Superintendent of Police Dev Ranjan Verma told The Indian Express that a written complaint was filed at the Gaisri police station regarding this rape case.

The woman’s family said that on Tuesday, 29 September, the woman did not return home from her work, the family tried to contact her but couldn’t reach her phone.

Later at night, the girl came back home on a rickshaw in a severe condition with a glucose drip injection attached to her hand, the girl was immediately rushed to the hospital but died on the way.

The family has named two men in the written complaint and have allegedly raped the girl. The police have arrested both the accused.

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UP Dalit Woman Rape Case: What Exactly Happened?

The woman’s family alleges that their daughter was given an injection before she was raped, the family also claims that the victim’s legs and arms were broken.

The woman’s mother said that her daughter was in a lot of pain, she could only say: “There is a lot of pain, I will not survive,” News18 reported.

However, the police have denied the claims that the victim’s legs and arms were broken. Balram police tweeted saying that postmortem report had not found such injuries.

The Accused Reportedly Took the Woman to a Doctor After Raping Her:

As per the police investigation, the accused tried to get the victim treated after raping her. They called a doctor to check on her, but the doctor got suspicious and refused to treat her in the absence of an elderly or her guardian.

The doctor told the media a boy called him around 5 pm and took him to his house, when the doctor reached the place, there was another man sitting beside the woman. The boys told him that the victim was the daughter of a government secretary.

The doctor got suspicious and said that he won’t treat until the time her guardian was present with her.

They told him to go back to his clinic and said they will call the secretary and get the victim to his clinic. He continued that he did not know where they had gone after that.

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How did the Political Leaders React?

Former UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav took to Twitter to say:

AAP leader Sanjay Singh said:

UP Gang Rape case Victim Cremated In Hurry:

According to India Today, the woman’s body was cremated late on Tuesday night. The cremation took place in Gaisari amid heavy police deployment.

“The victim was declared dead at 8:30 pm on Tuesday, 29 September, and was cremated within an hour at 10:30 pm,” India Today reported.

(With inputs from NDTV, News18, The Indian Express, and India Today)

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