Baba Ka Dhaba Scam

Breaking News: Baba Ka Dhaba Owner Files Case Against YouTuber Gaurav Wasan

The ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ owner, who gained limelight after a viral video, has filed a case against YouTuber Gaurav Wasan, who first uploaded his dilemma on social media.

80-year-old Kanta Prasad, who runs the Baba Ka Dhaba, has alleged that Wasan misappropriated the funds that were raised to help his wife and him, reported The Indian Express.

In a viral video, uploaded on 7 October, Prasad was seen talking to the couple in Malviya Nagar about the lack of customers and money, following which people from across Delhi rushed to help sustain the Baba Ka Dhaba.

Baba Ka Dhaba Owner is Upset With YouTuber Gaurav Wasan:

Baba Ka Dhaba Scam

“I don’t get a lot of customers now; most people come here only to take a few selfies and then they leave… Earlier, I was earning over Rs 10,000 per day, now it’s Rs 3,000-Rs 5,000,” he told the sources, adding that “Gaurav Wasan deliberately shared his and his family’s bank details and collected a huge amount as a donation”.

The Delhi Police are yet to file an FIR in connection with the matter.

Gaurav Wasan, on the other hand, has denied the allegations.

“When I shot the video for the first time, I didn’t know it would become this consequentially big. I didn’t want people to harass Baba (Prasad) that is the sole reason why I shared my bank details…” Gaurav Wasan said.

Some fellow YouTubers alleged that Wasan had collected up to Rs 20-25 lakh, to which Gaurav Wasan said that legal action will be initiated against them.

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