2 Floors of Parliament Sealed, Official Tested Positive

The director-level officer, who attended work on May 28, was suspected corona positive along with his family members, said sources. A Rajya Sabha Secretariat official tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, it was the fourth such case reported in the Parliament complex so far, according to the sources. Out of the four, three were found to have contracted the virus after Parliament resumed its operations on the 3rd of May when the Lockdown 2.0 ended and they were on duty.

The two floors of the Parliament’s Annexe building have been sealed close, the sources added. This is the second case of an official posted in the building testing positive for the virus. Earlier, an official of the Lok Sabha Secretariat working in the editorial section and translation (E&T) services department was found positive for coronavirus if the sources are to be believed.

Parliament Annexe building sealed after official tests Covid-19 ...

The first employee posted to test positive for the Covid19 virus was a housekeeper, who had been at home since the Budget Session was dismissed on 23rd March, the sources said, adding that the other person who was found infected was a security official. After the Lok Sabha Secretariat official was contracted with the virus, the authorities had the entire premises on the building properly sanitised before resuming operations and they continued to take all precautions thereafter.

Measures Taken to Sanitize The Parliament:

All the government employees are now allowed to enter Parliament only after proper screening. All vehicles are also being sanitised before entering the complex. According to the sources, there have been a few symptomatic cases of coronavirus among government employees working in different secretariats and branches at Parliament and its adjoining buildings.

2 Floors Of Parliament Annexe Building Sealed As Officer Tests ...

Government buildings in the neighbourhood of the Parliament complex which have offices of several ministers, were completely sealed for two consecutive days the detection of COVID-19 cases there.

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