Lifestyle Fitness Or Professional Bodybuilding?

Setting a goal in achieving a particular physique is as important as selecting a formulae to solve an equation. Achieving lifestyle fitness is completely different from a professional bodybuilding whether it’s in terms of diet or workout or using some kind of supplement.

Lifestyle Fitness:


As the name suggests Lifestyle fitness field is related to common life physique goals. This means while getting busy at work or studying at some college or in short if you are busy for around 8 to 9 hours in a day even then you can maintain and achieve lifestyle fitness goals.

By having a moderate knowledge of nutrition and by doing some exercises one can achieve these physiques. The supplementation required for making these physiques are not much just some pre-workout to make you guys alert while doing exercise and some protein after exercise for good recovery and growth.

Professional Body Building:

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Preparing your physique to compete at nationals and an international championship can be termed as a professional bodybuilding. These physiques are not the usual physiques because doing something at a professional level means you require a physique at its best peak to compete with a hundred others.

To achieve these conditioned physiques one has to play with salt, water, nutrition, supplements and many more things which are only necessary for a professional bodybuilder. The supplementation are not just the usual ones, they have to go far beyond these proteins and pre-workout to maintain a proper size with a ripped conditioning.

What’s the Difference?


Levels of requirement:

NORMAL : 60 % requirement MODERATE: 80% requirement HIGH: 100% requirement


Don’t confuse yourself within these two categories because if you did not understand the difference then you can’t build a physique and also you will waste your time, money and health if you did not hire a proper coach. So firstly decide your goal and then hire a coach who can help you in becoming one of the above physiques.

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Written by Rahul balhara

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