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6 Awesome MAC Blushes of 2020 For A New Refreshing Look!

MAC is one of the loved cosmetics brands in the world and it offers genuine and high-quality products to all its customers.  It is a staple cosmetic item in every girl’s handbag.

The blushes from MAC are highly pigmented and gives rich colours. They have soft colours that don’t give the heavy make up look. The best of MAC blushes for 2020 are listed as under:

1. MAC Sheertone Blush

The Breath of Plum from the MAC range is a burgundy colour blush which is not too dark nor too light making it perfect for every occasion. It helps in creating a soft, sheer colour and at the same time, it is highlighting also.

It has ultra-fine articles that make the skin smooth. The blush has rich pigment and a natural tone colour finish. The natural finish is what girls mostly prefer.

2. MAC powder blush

The Peachy shade of the MAC powder blush has a great peachy texture for giving a natural glow to the skin. It has Vitamin E in it which is good for the skin. The color pigmentation is so good.

The cheeks get fantastic color when using this blush from MAC. The application is quite easy and it is dermatologically tested. It doesn’t have any harsh impact on the face.

3. MAC powder blush refill pan:

The peach shade from the refill pan comes with a natural golden glow after applying it. The golden shimmer makes the application all worth it.

The texture has Vitamin E and it is super smooth in its application. It easily glides on to the skin and spreads all over the face. It gives a natural-looking effect to the skin.

4. MAC Mineralize blush

The Warm Soul from this range is a beige shade having a pearly golden finish. It gives soft pink cheeks by adding a hint of gold in the end.

It is a great blush for a sheer application. The formula is so lightweight adding a luminous effect to the cheeks. It does not cause acne and you can use this daily.

5. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish powder

Soft and gentle is a highlighting blush that is soft and silky at the same time. It gives a natural tone to the skin that you have always been dreaming of.

It is a slow based, luxurious, velvety soft doomed powder for giving that radiant finish to the skin. It consists of Vitamin E and 77 mineral complexes that are safe for the skin.

6. MAC cream colour

The base shell from the cream color range of MAC is such a beautiful blush. It glides so smoothly onto your skin. It adds a glowing and healthy look to your cheeks and the entire face.

This blush can be used for giving a lighter dramatic effect to your skin. It has no fragrance and girls have been loving this blush since its inception. 

These are some of the blush shades from MAC. Which one are you planning to go with?

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