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What Is So Unique About Singapore’s Coffee Culture?

The one thing that is holding the Singaporeans together is their love for coffee and their age-old tradition of having Kopitiam. The thriving coffee scenes in Singapore instil as a reminder about what makes the history of Singapore so rich and diverse.

The history of Kopi:

Singapore is considered to be the perfect blend of both east and west with the Kopitiam culture standing out in the crowd. Kopitiam shows the cultural significance that Singapore is having over the years.

The word Kopi means coffee and Tiam means shop joining which becomes a coffee shop. At around the 19th century, many Chinese cooks came to Singapore and began serving Kopitiam to people.

The European flavors mixed to create the flavors of Kopitiam. As the locals were incapable of having something of so high quality, they started inventing low-quality Robusta beans brought from Indonesia by the Arab traders and the brew formed was equally delicious.

The uniqueness of the Kopitiam

Kopi is mean from the low-quality Robusta beans containing high doses of caffeine in it. To enhance the flavors, the beans see the roasting in a wok mixed with butter and sugar and sometimes with lard.

The caramelization of the beans adds a unique flavour to the Kopi. The beans then go through straining in socks and then mixed with condensed milk. The sock is a small cloth adding as an infuser.

The coffee is so frothy and creamy sold by most hawkers and street vendors. It is best paired with Kaya toast which is a traditional jam made from eggs and coconut. Have half-boiled egg with that and it turns out to be a perfect breakfast.

Best Kopi in Singapore

Kopi is available widely with many street vendors throughout the city. In the old centers of Singapore, you can still find people having a cup of Kopi or beer while having a good time.

If you want to have Kopi the right way, then you must visit the oldest Kopitiams tracing back to its roots. One outstanding Kopitiam is the Tong Ah Eating House that has been running from four generations. 

How to order Kopi in Singapore?

Now you need to know the accurate way of ordering the perfect cup of Kopi that can be hot or iced. How much sugar and milk are you willing to put and do you want thick or think milk.

If you are planning of having coffee with condensed milk, order a Kopi. If you want it black, you can go for Kopi O. If you want something refreshing you can go for Kopi Peng.

A Kopi Gao is a stronger drink having higher quantities of caffeine in it. In the late evenings, you can ask for Kopi Po. Kopi Gar Dai is the one having more sugar and Kopi Siew Dai is the one having less sugar. A Kopi Kosong is your drink if you don’t want sugar at all.

So, are you ready to get a taste of Kopi? Order the perfect cup and enjoy coffee in the Singaporean way!

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