Are we a good Audience: Let’s Hunt For Talent!

Support Our Talented Artists

Introduction: Are we a good audience?

With the growth of technological advancements, people are engaging with the world around the realm. They are disseminating their skills with them and await support, motivation and honest reviews from them.

Artists are curious and passionate to polish their skills so as to beautifully present it among the audience. They are toiling for hours even on the minor details of their work. Are we a good audience?

I am a passionate blogger and love to share my knowledge with my audience. I am continuously making changes in my writing styles but there is no change in response from my own audience.

I may be wrong somewhere but what about our talented hardworking superstar Sushant Singh Rajput.

He was a very hardworking person with excitement and enthusiasm to present something out of the box. Sushant Singh Rajput committed his life in practising, learning new skills, gyming and what not but what he got in return?

Are we a good audience?

Hopelessness, Demotivation, failure, despair, anxiety and depression that made this strong-spirited artist give up his life. 

Harsh Reality:

When someone works arduous with full dedication, they want encouraging results in return to reboot their energy within them.

But, in place of this, they achieve negative comments, trolls, fake news meant to defame them, blaming them for not being perfect enough etc. This is the reality of most of the artists in India. 

Change the Mindset!

Artists deserve gratitude and appreciation for working hard to entertain and aware their audience.

It’s a very crucial time when the audience needs to change their attitude. If they don’t like the work, they should come forward with honest reviews filled with positivity rather than judging our artists that they are not good enough!

Solving the Advanced Analytics Talent Problem

Those who have dared to present their skills among us, can’t they easily fit in with our expectations from them?

Our Responsibility:

Instead of defaming someone for not performing well, we should understand the number of hours, hard work, courage and energy they bestowed to present their work before us.

It takes lots of courage to express ourselves that’s why not everybody can become an actor or a singer or a public speaker or a blogger!

We should support their efforts so that they get even a fraction of success and hope in return. We are free to share our views and expectations from them but in a respectful and civilized way! 

I dedicate my article to all the artists who are working throughout the day to present their valuable talent in such a way that can entertain us!

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