Philadelphia Will Surprise You With Its Rich Culture

Art is a way of expressing oneself and people come to Philadelphia for its age-old history and culture.

It holds one of the oldest art schools in the State and the city is filled with art museums and conventions for everyone to admire what Philadelphia has in store for its travellers.

From showcasing fine art to the showing of public art, this State has always been the best when it comes to Art and Culture. The top places for art admiration are listed as under:

1. Rodin Museum

The Rodin Museum located close to the Philadelphia Museum celebrates the creativity and artistic nature of French Sculptor Auguste Rodin.

Take a visit to this Museum in the day time for admiring and exploring French Style gardens and outdoor sculpture space. All works are original masterpieces of Rodin. Visit this museum before going to the museum in the Hometown of the sculptor.

2. Philadelphia Museum of Art

It is one of a kind exhibition with being the city’s largest museums, it holds some impressive artwork collections. The building itself is so intricately designed with it being an architectural marvel.

The Rocky staircase leads up to revealing the dramatic space.  It has over 22,000 permanent artwork collections and temporary exhibits for showing one of a kind grouping. All of these collections are mix and private pieces taken from various museums in the world.

3. The Center for Art in Wood

Versatility is the core theme of this art center and it has been loved by people worldwide the center is part of permanent exhibitions and travelling exhibitionists. This centre also has its in-house residency program for taking classes of all students interested in art and culture.

The location is a vast one reaching out to provide space for people for giving space for private groups and events. The centre is free to visit and you can even buy some of the art kept on sale here daily.

4. The Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation is home to controversial history with the lovers of expressions finding their way into depicting what they feel through the form of art.

It is an art collection from the 20th century taken from Paris. Barnes had requested that after his death his home should be turned into a gallery hall and learning centre. Even the public must be able to delve into his world of art. It depicts all the battles and the winning of the city in the end. 

5. Moore College of Art and Design

This college is a great way of viewing art by connecting with all the art students studying here. It is located right in the city making it important for getting added to your itinerary while in Philadelphia.

All the exhibitions in the school are free and visitors come here for cultural programs where they give their insights on thought-provoking experiences.

These are some of the places for seeing art in its finest form in Philadelphia. Plan your vacation soon and you will be overwhelmed by the art this state holds.

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