Look Out For These Heavenly Delicacies in Haridwar!

Haridwar, the spiritual state of India attracts so many tourists every year. Apart from that, Haridwar is also a foodie’s paradise. From spicy Chole Bhature to sizzling Papri Chat, you will get everything here.

The entire lanes of Hari Ki Pauri and Devpura has so many food stalls selling delicious snacks and cuisines. Thinking what to try here on your next vacation? Here are some of the lip-smacking dishes of Haridwar:

1. Rashmalai and Jalebi

Haridwar is a heaven for all sweet lovers with some dishes like rashmalai and jalebi sold in nook and corners of Haridwar. It comes under the concept of Haridwar special food.

The sweets are prepared in pure Desi Ghee and served hot and fresh on plates. Whether you just have one or several, your heart will want to keep coming back for more.

2. Kachori

Kachori is also famous in Haridwar apart from Delhi. It is served with spicy tamarind chutney and sabji enhancing the taste of Kachoris.

It can be treated as a breakfast item but you can have it any time of the day. During early mornings, you can search for many restaurants on the streets of Har Ki Pauri for some flavorful Kachoris.

3. Flavoured Kulfi

Apart from sweets, Haridwar is famous for its Kulfis sold in so many different flavors that you will want to try all of them. You can ask for unique flavors like rose, elaichi, Malai, Pista, Kesar, etc. which are perfect after a meal.

Matka or Stick, you have all authority to choose. Also, if you don’t want to eat it alone, you can have it with Falooda.

4. Mulberry Khomcha

If you are on a hunt for trying out some tastiest street foods, Mulberry must be on your list. You can buy baskets of Mulberry for relishing along the streets or simply while shopping. Locals here love mulberry.

For all those wanting to have some healthy food, mulberry Khomcha turns out to be the best. The refreshing taste will make you taste more.

5. Kulhar Wala Milk

Haridwar will get you one of the best qualities of milk that you will not find anywhere in India. The milk food items are worth trying on your visit here. You can try anything from lassi to frothy hot milk served in Kulhads.

The Kulhar Wala Milk is so smooth and creamy with various flavours in it. For having one of the best experiences, try out salty, sweet, or mix lassi or Kulhar milk.

6. Aloo Puri

India loves Aloo Puri and so does Haridwar. It is a signature dish of India and you can have it any time of the day.

The puris are Indian loaves of bread served with spicy Aloo ki Sabzi and often you can find Halwa as the dessert. The taste is satiating and is cooked to perfection.

These are some of the best things you can find in Haridwar. Being a God’s paradise, finding nonveg here is a bit difficult. Yet this food journey will make you fall in love with North India.

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