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These 5 Iconic Castles of Ireland Will Bring Your Fairy Tale To Life!

Ireland has more than 30,000 castles each signifying its valor and historic tales. Spread all across the land, the medieval castles were defensive homes for the powerful families of Ireland. But in the present times, many of these castles have been ruined and only the remains of the castles are left.

This event doesn’t stop travellers from admiring these wonderful castles. Many of these castles have been restored to glory for visitors to explore. Some of these are listed as under:

5. Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle is only of the well-loved castles in Ireland. The castle even stands in the same way as was in the 1400s. The fort is located in Country Clare fully restored in 1960.

The castle is in grey stone showing antiques from the 15th and 16th centuries to show the lives of people at the time of ruling by the MacNamara family. While visiting this castle, you cannot miss out on the medieval banquets achieved only by booking of tickets.

4. Ross Castle

The best way to visit Ross Castle is by renting a cycle from Killarney as the view is so majestic that it can capture your heart and minds. It is a medieval fort surrounded by extensive trails and lots of picnic spots.

It is such a popular day tour castle and if you are willing to know the history, you can also opt for the guided tour option. People love enjoying the views of the stone tower house while walking on the grounds.

3. Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle has been converted into a great hotel glorifying its heroic tales. The castle was built in the 1200s and the fortified walls served as protective covers during fierce battles.

The Irish family was behind the expansion of the castle by building new wings and later, they sold off the property in 1930. It has a mix of medieval and Victorian architecture and this beautiful hotel now has 83 guest rooms and has been featured in television and films.

2. Cahir Castle

It is one of the largest castles in Ireland grown out of the rocky island and built-in River Suir.

The castle was built by O’Brien’s family in the 13th century and it has survived so many fierce battles with its defensive design supporting it at all times.

Very close to the Cahir Castle, it offers audiovisual experiences to visitors for learning about the history of the fortress. 

1. Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle is an abandoned castle on a hilltop overlooking the scenic beauty of Ireland. The castle can be reached by crossing a bridge from the mainland built by MacQuillan in the 1500s.

The hilltop was used for defensive purposes but a kitchen part fell off from the castle in 1630 as the castle could not balance on top.

Even today, there is a visitor centre for visitors to stop and admire the ruined walls which are still standing tall.

These are some of the appealing castles in Ireland. If you ever happen to visit Ireland, do visit these castles for mind-boggling experience.

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