These Unusual Traditions of London Will Shock You!

London is a diverse country with tradition following people since times immemorial. There have been so many unknown traditions in London from the Ravens in the London Tower to sheep on the London bridge, there have been so many that you cannot get enough.

You will be fascinated with so many traditions yet unknown to so many people. Some of these are listed as under:

1. Queens Harvest Festival

The pearly festival in London sees its celebration every year in September with kings and queens waiting eagerly for the Harvest festival. It is celebrated in Guildhall with Morris and Maypole dancing and bands marching to mark the harvest festival.

The traditions first saw its emergence in the 19th century during the Victorian Era. A rat-catcher and street cleaner became the first pearly King. 

He got the idea of stylish in flashy coats and jackets and since then, during this day, every pearly kings and queen brought back their royalty wearing these flashy coats.

2. Ravens found at the Tower of London

This decree came from King Charles II that every time in the Tower of London, at least 6 ravens are needed. There is a rumor behind this decree.

It is that the king had received a warning from a courtier that if there are no ravens on the Tower of London, then the entire British empire would fall. And the monarchy would crumble to nothing.

3. The Peter Pan Cup

Presents are distributed to everyone during Christmas and many love visiting churches early morning on Christmas for prayers or simply receiving gifts from Santa.

But the hardy folks at the Serpentine Swimming club takes a different route to the freezing waters of Hyde Park for watching the Peter Pan Cup.

Started from 1864, it is a 100 mt swimming race in the freezing waters. And those who compete with the race are presented with the Peter Pan Cup. It is indeed dangerous and risky at the same time.

4. The Annual Sheep drive

London Bridge is famous for falling in September when it witnesses the unusual sight of sheep on the bridge driven by Freemen of the city of London.

This marks the cultivation period and the Worshipful Company of Woolman has been behind this ancient tradition since the 11th century.

Today, sheep are brought to the London Bridge for promoting the woolen industry and sheep driving was common in the London Bridge during olden days. It was the only way to take them to the market.

5. State Opening of Parliament

State Opening of Parliament is the official commencement of Westminster Parliament lasting for about a year.

It takes place in November with Guy Fawkes Night starting at that time. But recently it has been shifted to the spring season. Black Rod is sent from House of Lord for summoning of MP’s for Queen’s speech.

The speech is written on Goatskin for showing the independency of the Lower House of Parliament.

These are some of the traditions that London has been following and they are proud of their own culture and traditions.

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