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Know 7 Different Types of Rum & Break the Age-old Taboo

Now for the people of India, there are only two types of rum, one is the Old Monk and the other is their choice of rum. But for those who love exploring, there are wide varieties of rum available in the markets.

For the adventurous ones, there are 7 different types of rums you need to get a taste of in your life. Rum is made by fermenting and distillation of sugarcane juice before storing it in the barrels and leaving it to become old.

There are various ways of getting into the final product that decides the category or the types of rum that will quench your thirst.

The specific types of rums are listed as under:

1. Light Rums

Light rums are great for making cocktails as they don’t have any kind of flavors except for the sweetness great for the cocktails.

They are normally filtered after the ageing process for removing any additives or colour from the barrel. If you have ever enjoyed a well-made mojito, then you can thank the light rums for it!

2. Dark Rums

Old Monk falls under the category of dark rums as these are brown, black, or even red in color because of the aging process in heavily left barrels.

These are very strong and have strong caramel in its making. Dark rums are usually taken neat or they are also taken on the rocks. Dark rums are also used for the preparation of cakes or other items.

3. Spiced rums

Spiced rums are built on Gold rums and they have the scent of different spices like cinnamon, rosemary, cardamom, cloves, aniseed, and so many other spices.

Again, spiced rums are also taken neat or on the rocks for appreciating the spice tones coming from the sugarcane sweetness of the rum.

4. Flavoured Rums

Flavoured rums are so good in its taste because of its fruity elements added to it. Some inclusion of popular fruits are pineapples, mangoes, coconuts, bananas, lime, etc.

But flavoured rums are unique from other types of rums as it contains ABV of less than 40%. These rums also act as additives at times.

5. Overproof rums

Now, Bacardi Rum is an example of Over Proof rum containing an ABV of double of that of flavored rums or you can say about 80%.

Any rum under the 57.5% category has the label of ‘151’ which translated in alcohol means 75.5% alcohol. These rums are so strong and they should be taken only occasionally.

6. Gold Rums

Gold Rums are a combination of both dark and light rums. They are left to age in the same barrels for getting the bourbon whiskey flavors.

It does not have too much sweetness of the light rums or overpowering temptations of the dark rums. It is a great choice for having neat without any overpowering.

7. Premium rums

Premium rums have a whole different production and ageing process and it is best when served with ice for releasing and enhancing its flavours. Premium rums are the most expensive on the list.

After knowing of the lot, which of these types of rums are you going to open at your next party?

What do you think?

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