Bishnoi Village

Things You Never Knew About The Bishnoi Village In Rajasthan

Rajasthan has a living vibe and exciting along with fleeting culture attracting visitors from all parts of the world. Jodhpur, one of the biggest cities in Rajasthan got its name largely from the large number of houses painted in blue.

One of the main attractions in Jodhpur is Bishnoi village located about 22 locations apart. The word Bishnoi means 29 relating to the 29 principles followed by the people living here.

Bishnoi Village is well known widely for the sacrifice of the villagers dying to save trees from the cut. The community of Bishnoi is truly an amazing one!

About Bishnoi Village

The Bishnoi village has been an attraction since the times of kings ruling India. The Marwars in Bishnoi has been able to influence the community for giving a wider and innovative concept in the village.

These are local people mingling and mixing with everyone in a friendly way. They are open to sharing their opinions and ideas about their culture and livelihoods.

The village is quite a small one, with tourists getting attracted to the “Village Safari” organized in the village.

The safari provides a chance of witnessing the extraordinary lives of people. Tourists can go for the safari either on camelback or in jeeps. The potter’s village and the weaver’s village are two prominent villages inside Bishnoi village.

Khejarli is a sacred place where people sacrificed lives for trees. The area is full of wildlife and fauna like peacocks, partridges, and the Great Indian Bustard. The locals living in the village have small huts and can be seen wearing traditional clothing. 

How to get to the village?

The village is located between Udaipur and Jodhpur and close to Jodhpur, where it is easy to reach by air or also you can choose the option of road.

Best time to visit

The village is best to visit during the winter season between October to March whereas in the other months, scorching heat gears up the village.

Places to stay:

Many travellers coming here plan of staying in the village to understand the culture well. There are some house offerings and also homestay offerings with all available facilities. You can also find small camps and resorts.

Also, if you think returning is easier, you can choose to stay in Jodhpur. Jodhpur has so many budget hotels and also hostels with all modern amenities.

What to try in the safari?

The village safari turns out to be one of the best options to be able to get cruising in the village and in this way, you will get many small stalls filled with eateries and getting to taste delicacies of Rajasthan.

There are many other attractions near Bishnoi village worth seeing. The Shepherd’s village is one of the best places for capturing real-life photography of village lifestyle including animals.

Visit Bishnoi Village and witness the grandeur of Rajasthan. It takes you through the journey of cultural extravaganza for showing the rich culture of Rajasthan!

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