Top 5 Safest Places To Visit Post Pandemic!

With countries around Europe reducing coronavirus restrictions, opening borders and creating new ways to ensure safe travel for visitors, some of them have managed to be ranked as the safest places in the entire Europe.

These destinations benefit from vicinity to hospitals and have a higher number of hospital beds per inhabitant than the majority of European countries.

Best islands in Europe - Europe's Best Destinations

They have implemented very specific protocols concerning hygiene in accommodations, restaurants and shops, and imposed measures such as the changing of air conditioning filters between each traveller stay, availability of masks and social distancing.

Before travelling to any of the beautiful safest places that made it to the list:

  • Remain vigilant and do not forget the barrier gestures, social distancing, wearing masks when possible and necessary.
  • Avoid travelling if your health is poor.
  • People over 70, those overweight or who have respiratory problems should be particularly vigilant.
  • It is travellers’ responsibility to protect their most fragile loved ones and residents of host countries.

1. Tbilisi, Georgia:

36 Hours in Tbilisi - The New York Times

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, one of the world’s least affected by coronavirus countries. Georgia reacted very quickly with measures that kept the epidemic at a remarkably low level.

The country is reopening its borders on July 1 and implementing health measures to protect travellers and its citizens for a safe and relaxing holiday which makes this one amongst the top safest places to visit.

Tbilisi is an open-minded destination, blending past, present and future, culture and leisure. More trendy than ever, the city is an ideal destination for culture, gastronomy, diversity and architecture. “Wow” effect is guaranteed.

2. Corfu, Greece:

Walking the Corfu Trail (South) by Explore | Bookmundi

This paradisiacal Greek island is a perfect destination to recharge your batteries after this stressful period. Corfu is the second of the safest places you might want to visit.

Greece is one of the European countries least affected by coronavirus (up to 50 times fewer people infected than in the most affected European countries). The Greek healthcare system has never been overloaded during this health crisis.

Moreover, the country has more hospital beds per capita than many European countries. Corfu combines relaxation, sun and nature.

Reopening to travellers on July 1.

3. Cavtat, Croatia:

Tourism in Cavtat, Croatia - Europe's Best Destinations safest places

The third safest place is very popular with celebrities, families, lovers and fans of gastronomy, culture, nature and water sports, Cavtat is the destination.

Croatia is also one of the European countries with the most leading number of hospital beds per inhabitant. The hospital in Dubrovnik is a 20-minute drive from Cavtat while the airport is only 10 minutes away.

Cavtat has a large selection of private villas, tourist apartments and small family hotels (selected as travellers’ favourites this summer). In addition, Croatia has implemented hygienic and sanitary norms in larger hotels.

Reopening to travellers on July 1. No quarantine requested.

4. Azores Islands, Portugal:

The Word Is Out on the Azores Islands | Travelzoo

If Portugal was less affected by a coronavirus, the Azores Islands — like Portugal’s Algarve region — were even further spared.

The Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is an archipelago of nine islands showing off nature in its purest state and one of the largest whale sanctuaries. Not only that, the Azores is ranked the fourth amongst the safest place!

A perfect destination if you need to reconnect with nature. If you like hiking, flora and fauna, dolphin- and whale-watching, tasting local products, living real experiences, the Azores are perfect for a holiday.

The Azores have an ample offer of private villas, tourist apartments and small family hotels. Reopening to travellers on July 1. No quarantine requested.

5. Preveza, Greece:

Safest place

Sun, countless beaches (including one of the longest in Europe), Mediterranean cuisine, a yacht-filled marina, Preveza appears fifth on the list of Europe’s safest vacation spots.

Greece is one of the European countries least affected by coronavirus (up to 50 times fewer infected people than in the most affected European countries). Sanitary measures were taken early to welcome travellers to Preveza.

Preveza is surrounded by three hospitals (one of them at a university) and is located just 10 minutes by car from Aktion Airport and it is the fifth safest place in Europe!

Reopening to travellers from July 1. No quarantine requested.

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