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Why Lip Tints Have Become The Talk of The Town in 2020?!

Lip tints are so added in the range of beauty products because of the light and sheer colour it gives to your lips making it look supple and lustrous. These lip tints work similar to lipsticks but leave a glossy effect after every use.

These tints are made with natural oils and waxes, melting to your lips on each application. Sometimes these tints have a mousse texture with bases clinging onto your lips after hours of using it.

With lip tints, you don’t have to worry about lipstick stain on coffee mugs and is an essential product during summer months. It gives a natural finish while maintaining juiciness in your lips.

Different types of lip tints:

When it comes to lip tints, you have a wide range of choices coming out every day with more formulations and textures. Some of the types are listed as under:

1. Peel off lip tints:

These are truly amazing as it catches a dark color right after using it lasting for about 12 hours. Your lips don’t feel heavy at all.

Apply a thick layer of the tint on the first go and after keeping it for about 10 minutes, peel it off. The colour absorbs to your lips making it look rich and juicy.

2. Liquid lip tints:

These are the most popular ones incredibly easy to apply. Just use the wand for swiping it on the inner edges of your lips and press your lips together for the gradient color.

These are water-based products leaving a glossy effect. Also, if you are a lipstick lover, you can use these lip tints on top of your lipstick for glossier effects.

3. Matte lip tints:

Matte lip tints are extremely light in weight and do not even feel like you are wearing a lip tint at all. It doesn’t feel dry on your lips, so there are no cases of cracking or creasing of lips.

It gives a high end feel as soon as you apply it. They come in smooth colours and give a velvety smooth finish giving full coverage.

4. Tint Sticks:

These come in sticks form, quite easy to carry and you can apply it whenever you need to touch up. It has a creamy and lightweight texture and the sticks are made using moisturizing ingredients.

It helps in making lips fuller and softer than liquid lip tints. It lasts the whole day with the shine not wearing off for even a bit.

 Reasons for loving lip tints:

1. It is quite easy going and can be applied even when you are out for your work.

2. These are packed with rich pigments for giving sheer colour or saturated lip colour. These are so versatile, hydrating your lips to deeper portions.

3. It acts even as a blush where you can just swirl the lip tint on your cheeks and get rosy cheeks in minutes. Blend it using your fingers for that subtle and creamy color.

There are many cute shades to lip tints. All are available in bright colours. So, which one are you going to pick up today?

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