You Will Regret Not Having Iran On Your Bucketlist!

Iran is one of the humblest countries in the world. Iran is heading into a fabulous future with dazzling memories of the past. It is known for its fervor and grand architecture and also the amazing hospitality of the locals.

The country has a vast history and with lovely bazaars and sizzling places to visit, this Middle East country should be on everyone’s travel list. Some of the best places to visit here are listed as under:

1. Esfahan

It is one of the top tourist attractions in Iran with a living museum displaying the traditional culture. It has old Islamic buildings with Persian gardens adding to the grandeur of the place.

The historic bazaar attracts so many people to come to this city along with Imam Mosque and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. The city is magnificent in its terms and when in Esfahan, do not forget to buy handicrafts from the local markets.

2. Mashhad

A trip to Iran would be incomplete without a visit to Mashhad. It is the second-largest city in Iran and also the holiest. The city is booked during Muslim holidays, so book for your tickets in Advance, or else you will miss out on the fun and excitement of the city.

Mashhad is known to have the best carpets and saffron markets in Iran. The saffron is exhilarating with its smell of purity.

3. Tehran

Tehran is that city which shows the modernity of Iran and is a posh city to be in. The city has both historical monuments as well as skylines showing the mixture of the present and the past.

If you are planning of exploring, you can find so many museums to visit or chill cafes to relax. If you are bored with the city, then you can also go to the neighbouring cities for having a peaceful vacation.

4. Yazd

Yazd is one of the best places to visit in Iran and your heart will be filled with happiness while traveling around the winding lanes and admiring the beauty of the mud-brick houses.

The city has a charm of its own and has so many stories to tell the further generations. A quaint and laid-back city, Yazd has so many things to do and it has so much to offer to its visitors.

5. Tabriz

If you are looking for amazing places for shopping in Iran, then Tabriz is known for its jaw-dropping bazaar selling so many things famous in Iran.

The weather remains pleasant and it has wonderful transportation facilities showing historical heritage. The city is widely known for its teahouse hammams and beautiful carpets.

6. Shiraz

The capital of Iran is known widely for poetry and wine. It was famous for its vineyards in the olden times.

With numerous pilgrimage sites for Muslims, the city also has lovely gardens and mosques. It is a city full of love that you must visit with your partner.

With so many lovely places and humble people, Iran is a must-visit place. Plan your trip soon and you will not regret it!

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