4 Reasons Why The Street Food Culture of Germany Is Going Viral!

Something is charming about street food markets in Germany filled with hundreds of sausages and doners, quite famous in all street food markets in Germany.

The street food culture has taken over very recently in Germany, with many people coming into the streets for having some relishing and satiating. Berlin is the most known place when it comes to street food!

Many major cities in Germany have something or the other going on in the food market world. Now, to name it there are 4 popular street food markets that are the real reason behind this street food craze in Germany:

1. Street food festival in Germany:

The street food festival in Berlin has been going on for ages making it permanently fixed in the place for all foodies out there.

Now, this is a kind of festival taking place on the first weekend of every month in a hipster place called Ehrenfeld, located about 3km from the Central Station.

It has thousands of stalls selling Oreos, traditional Berlin sausages, and burgers among all the foodie delights.

It also has many signature German dishes loved by people worldwide. While in summers, there is a slight change in the venue of the food festival. The festival takes place near the lakeside in the north of the city.

2. Street Food Thursday

Street Food Thursday began in the coolest neighborhood of Kreuzberg since 2013 and this place is filled with some of the amazing foodies in search of something grand and fascinating to taste.

It takes place every Thursday from 5 pm to 10 pm in Market Hall 9 allowing visitors to get the authentic taste of Berlin. The food stalls are filled with creative chefs not having the capital to start their restaurants.

They come here every Thursday for giving people a taste of delight. The place is like a foodie’s paradise where you will find a crowd coming from different places of the world for having pocket-friendly food easy on the budget as well.

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3. Street Food Friday

Not just Berlin but Munich also has a street food session completely their own. This street food market sits every Friday just near to the train station, with various food trucks marking their way into the market.

You will find various street foods like calzones stuffed with pear and wild boar, making of authentic tacos and food coming directly from the steps of Mongolia.

The market is a mobile one moving in various directions so, make sure of checking out the Facebook page before coming into the venture.

4. Street Food Session

The Street food Session in Hamburg happens in the red-light district of Hamburg. This is a running street food market happening every Thursday from 5 pm to 11 pm.

The session sees a rolling line for having almost 15 food trucks serving with high-quality food service. It has food trucks selling experimental foods.

Also, after you have made a choice try getting a place at the 100mtr long table for digging into your choicest foods.

These are some amazing street food markets in Germany! Go ahead and plan your trip pretty soon to any of these markets!

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