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6 Exotic Animals That Are Found Only In India

The thick forests of India consist of many exotic and rare wildlife species. The country has such charismatic forests with more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries and 1000 national parks for giving shelter to enormous amounts of animals and birds.

The green jungles of India have many hidden exotic species quite rare and not found in all areas. Here is a list of the top 6 rare species reducing in number every day:

1. Nilgiri Tahr

Nilgiri Tahr is one of the exotic mountain animals found in the Western Ghats of India. It is an endangered species having a stocky coat including a huge bristly mane and curved horns. It has short fur and a coarse body.

There are just about 3,000 Nilgiris alive in the jungles of India due to extreme poaching and killing activities. The Nilgiri Tahr is facing such threats in the entire Western Ghats.

2. Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lions are found in Gujarat giving a home to the largest populations of Asiatic Lion, also called the Persian Lion. These lions are gigantic and Asiatic Lions are found only in India. The Gir Wildlife Sanctuary in India holds these lions.

As per reports, there are only 200 Asiatic lions alive in the world. These lions are the second largest feline species roaming the world right after the tigers.

3. Bengal Tigers

The Bengal Tigers, referred to as the “Big Cat” roams India and Bangladesh. Tigers are vanishing mostly due to illegal poaching and hunting activities. The Bengal tigers can survive in tropical evergreen forests.

You can also find their survival in mangrove swamps, deciduous forests, and grass jungles. The Jim Corbett National park is the largest park for preserving Bengal Tigers.

Till day, there is 2600 Bengal tiger in 23 Tiger reserves of India. The roar of a Bengal Tiger is so loud it can be heard from miles away.

4. Blackbuck

Blackbucks are found in the grasslands of India. Poaching, overgrazing, and habitat destruction have led to a reduction in the number of blackbucks.

Black Bucks are also found in Pakistan and Nepal. It is a beautiful exotic animal found in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana.

5. Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard, being part of the family of wild cats, living in the Himalayas has thick long fur with their body color changing between smoky gray to yellowing tan.

Sadly, there are only 6,000 snow leopards left in the world and its population is decreasing rapidly. Snow leopards are killed for luxury fur coats and the bones are also used for traditional medicines. Snow leopards are born blind and do not gain sight until they are 7 years old.

6. Greater one horned rhinoceros

The One-horned rhinoceros is one of the rare species found in the Himalayas and Assam. It is a giant species and its number has been declining since 1975.

The Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is made a preservation centre for these rhinoceros. It is the second-largest mammal walking on earth.

These are the rare species found in India. Their protection is imperative or they will be extinct forever.

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