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Are You Choosing Your Paint Sheen Wisely?

Paint sheen refers to a shinier appearance in the houses and denotes the gloss level of the paint. Paint sheen is also the amount of light reflection present in the paint.

When deciding to paint rooms, it is necessary to decide the level of gloss that you are expecting in the rooms. Rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, etc. look best with lower paint sheen.

High gloss works best in case of cabinetry and trim. A qualified professional knows the difference between different paint sheen types and what is most suitable for your home.

Types of paint sheens applied at homes

Almost all types of sheen work for your home or apartment. But some are ideal for some while others are good for various places.  You can also mix and match colours for giving a customized look to your homes. Some of the paint sheens are listed as under:

1. Matte

Matte sheen paint has a slicker feel than the flat paint. Although both matte and flat have similarities the matte finish has a little reflection in it.

The reflection of matte is not very noticeable and it is perfect for use in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, etc.

2. Flat

Flat sheen paint comes with a smooth and subtle finish working best in bathrooms and ceilings.

It doesn’t reflect any light meaning it is much easier to touch. It hides all imperfections and leads to the diffusing of lights.

3. Semi-Gloss

Semi-gloss sheen creates a nice shine and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The ideal settings for using semi-gloss paint are bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, etc.

They are durable and so, the surface needs to be prepared first before applying semi-gloss paint for promoting a smooth surface.

4. Satin

Satin is a great finish for active rooms in the homes giving an elegant finish to rooms like laundry rooms, kitchens, children’s bedrooms, etc.

Satin resists dirt and stains and it can be removed easily.

5. Eggshell

The eggshell appears to be a bit dull and it is not shiny at all. It provides an elegant low gloss finish to kitchens, trims, and foyers.

The surface is quite smooth which means it is easier to clean than any other surface.

6. Gloss

Gloss provides a high shine and smooth finish and it is best for use in woodworks, cabinets, doors, etc.

The gloss sheen is very eye-catching and they look very similar to plastic or enamel.

Determining the best paint for your project

While searching for the right sheen, the first thing is to look for paint that suits your needs. If you are planning to go for a darker and richer color, then you can go for medium gloss sheen.

And the more sheen you are expecting, the more cost you have to pay for that. Hiring a professional is the right thing who will work with minimal costs.

Choosing the right shade of paint is a long process and you have to look at the entire premise before coloring. Professionals will work to the best and get finishes done in high standards.

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