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Ideal Islands To Visit in Kuala Lumpur for a Thrilling Experience!

Kuala Lumpur is such a magnificent city in Malaysia filled with skyscrapers, colonial architecture, and the locals making their way through people’s hearts with their charm and friendly nature.

Another thing adding to the beauty of Kuala Lumpur is its exotic islands located nearby which are a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. These islands are done so welcomingly that people love coming here often.

Islands are ideal places for relaxing the body and souls and seeing around tranquillizing seas. It is the best thing to do for coming close to nature. Some of the best islands near Kuala Lumpur are listed as under:

1. Kapas Island

The Kapas Islands are the most beautiful islands you will have ever visited with its white sand beaches and magnetic aura.

It doesn’t have those glamorous restaurants that you might find somewhere else but its scenic beauty will attract you to come over this place time and again.

Its minimalistic nature makes it unique and serene. The temperature remains hot throughout the year just with minimal rainfall. 

2. Pangkor Islands

With the best resorts, lip-smacking delicacies, and pristine surroundings, Pangkor Islands in Kuala Lumpur, come have such cool and friendly locals making you be a part of their culture.

You can reach Pangkor Islands by taking a bus directly from Kuala Lumpur and then you will find a ferry from the Main Island. If the adventurer in you wants to know its lifestyle and food, these islands are the perfect place for you.

You can relish kinds of seafood in the various beach shacks or just stroll along the beaches. 

3. Rawa Island

With the presence of numerous white doves on the island, it is called the Rawa Islands. This island was owned by the Sultanate of Johor and is a grand place for experiencing royalty.

It turns out to be an absolute delight for spending the weekend. This island turns out to be heaven for those searching for peace and having a good time with family.

Apart from the many white doves, it has many scenic beaches and tropical pathways. Try out snorkelling or other water activities when you are at Rawa Islands.

4. Tenggol Island

Tenggol Islands of Kuala Lumpur, feel like a home away from home and if you want to enjoy privacy along with comfort, this is the best place.

If you are looking for internal peace, then it is one of the luxurious islands to discover and explore. It is the best island for escaping from the crowds. This place is ideal for couples, friends, and families.

5. Redang Island

Redang Island has white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters but if white sand beaches are not your thing, then this island has so many other beautiful things to witness.

It has natural wildlife and luxury resorts with natural beauty invoking everyone to come here. The temperature feels so hot with so very little chances of rainfall.

If you are traveling to Malaysia anytime soon, then plan of coming to these beaches and islands for serenity and peaceful vibes.

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