Follow This 7 Step Routine: Break Free From Lockdown Stress!

Throughout the day, we make numerous choices and each of this choice represents our well-thought decision. But do we make these choices consciously? Is our brain continuously evaluating options? The answer is a big NO! These are just our habits which form a part of our routine. We wake up and our legs take us directly to washroom even with our eyes closed.

Because this is a part of our routine. Routine makes our mind feel at ease and makes it believe that everything is under control.

Since the start of lockdown, every one of us planned to accomplish our unfinished goals as we never had so much time to ourselves.

But within a fortnight, we found ourselves being a couch potato, waking up late and binge-watching. Our dream of accomplishment was thrown under the bus.

But if given a chance, will you still want to work on yourself and achieve those goals. What if we say there is a very simple way to become an achiever?

There is no magic pill rather a simple routine. Try incorporating your small activities in everyday routine so that it becomes a part of your subconscious mind.

It is very essential for your mental well-being to have a simple routine and follow it. When the outside world appears so daunting and there is so much uncertainty going around, a routine calms your mind and makes it feel secure.

It may feel easy to get lost under the weight of humongous task list, but a routine can ensure that we work on our dreams every day aside from regular tasks.

Few important things to incorporate in everyday routine:

1. Waking up early:

Lockdown may feel like a holiday and we may want to not leave our warm beds but remember an early bird always gets the worm.

2. Enjoy a warm healthy drink:

Wake up to refreshing warm lemon water or apple cider vinegar. This rejuvenates you and makes your prepared for the whole day.

3. Exercise:

It is very important to stay healthy and exercises are a great way to get fit. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time in the morning. You can always do it in the evening.

4. Take a cool shower and dress up for the day:

We always wake up and directly sit for our office work but taking a shower and dressing up makes your mind prepared to believe its work time and calms it.

5. Spend time with your loved ones:

 It is very important for our wellbeing and for our family members that we give them enough attention and love. Spend time with them after your office schedule.

6. Keep an hour aside for your personal goals:

Once you are done with daily chores, spend some time working on your hobbies or some other personal project.

7. Sleep early:

7-8 hours of sleep is a must for good health and ensures that mind is well-rested.

Slay like a King/Queen and achieve all your dreams!

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Written by Infeagle

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