If You Haven’t Been To Gandhinagar, This Is What You Are Missing Out!

Located around 23 km from Gujarat, Gandhinagar is referred to as “The Green land of Gujarat”. Gandhinagar is one of the well-planned cities in Gujarat just resting on the banks of Sabarmati River.

It is also home to so many famous temples having varying significance. Gandhinagar is a place known for its rich culture and heritage and it has so many wonderful and worthy visiting places.

These places will give you a colourful vibe to life. Some of these are listed as under:

1. Adalaj Stepwell

This is one masterstroke in Gandhinagar built to face the water crisis in Gandhinagar. The architecture is so vivid and explicit indicating an early lifestyle. The stepwell was built around Adalaj Village way back in 1498.

This is one of the many stepwells in India made only for procuring underground water. The entry time is 9 am to 5 pm apart from no entry fees.

2. Craftsmen village

Just back of Sabarmati River, you will find quite a popular place known particularly for Bandhani sarees. That is the craftsmen village considered as one of the best tourist places in Gandhinagar.

It welcomes so many tourists each day portraying the culture and handicrafts work. It is known not just for its sarees but also for wooden painting blocks and hand-printed dresses. It is opened 24 hours and it does not consist of any entry fees. 

3. Sarita Udhyan

Sarita Udhyan is well-liked and so many travellers come here for its peace and tranquillity. It is also a surreal spot for nature photography and landscapes.

It is located on the riverside of Gandhinagar where you will witness so many colourful peacocks and all migratory birds roaming around.

The thick dense shrubs and the lovely chirping of birds help in creating such a peaceful environment. You can stroll along the park or just sit in the middle for some quiet time. The best time to visit is during winters with the park open 24 hours.

4. Indrora Nature park

Indrora Park is referred to as the Jurassic Park in India comprising of dinosaurs’ fossils along with a dinosaur museum.

It has a zoo apart from an amphitheatre and the botanical gardens are sure to attract all the nature lovers. It is such a beautiful picnic spot or a place for a small outing. 

It is kept open from 8 am to 6 pm with Rs. 30 for adults and Rs. 15 for children as entry fees. Students have special discounts.

5. Rani Roopmati Mosque

This mosque is an excellent combination of Mughal and Hindu architecture. The mosque is about 1400 years old made in honour of Roopmati, the wife of Sultan of Ahmedabad.

The mosque has three-dimensional carvings and intricately designed walls. The place is so worthy and charming in its terms. It remains open from 9 am to 8 pm with no entry fees to see this grand marvel.

Are you excited to visit these places? Gandhinagar has so many views and luxurious places to offer to all its travelers.

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