5 Mouth-watering Californian Dishes You Cannot Afford to Miss!

California is best known for its seafood, extra delicious, and damn excellent. When talking of prawns, visiting restaurants like Pismo’s clams and Santa Barbara’s spot are some amazing choices.

Every city located on the Central Coast has its specialities. With reasonable prices, trying out all dishes is just what you are looking for! Some of the foods to try out in California are listed as under:

1. Clam Powder

No doubt Clam Powder is the thing of Europe, but the thick and creamy sauce is only available in California. It is served in the form of the bread bowl, making Clam powder one of the delicacies in California. Stop in by Boudin Bakery for concoctions of clams containing potatoes, white broth, and onions.

Those wanting to taste this authentic dish must rush to Pismo Beach to Splash café serving this legendary dish with a unique twist. Choices of bacon and cheese as toppings make it extra delicious. Clam powder of Kitchen and Bar is made of potatoes, cherry wine, cream, and celery.

2. Dungeness Crab

California is a place abundant with crabs with Santa Barbara being the popular place for Dungeness crab. The meat is tender and juicy cooked in the form of salad or simply some other dish.

In Cracked Crab restaurant, this mouthwatering crab is served either in roll or steamed with spicy cajun sausage. There are varieties of cooking this crab, choose the one suiting your tastes.

3. Pink Champagne cake

In California, Madonna Inn has bagged quite an invention recognition with the quirky and iconic pink champagne cake. It is a masterpiece of the on-site bakery of the Inn. The pink chocolate shavings and edible ribbons on top make it look so beautiful.

It was made using a design of a prom dress from the 1980s hiding behind a delicate layer of whipped cream along with Bavarian cream.

4. Santa Maria BBQ

A speciality of Santa Maria, the three-tip cut beef comes from the bottom part of sirloin and has been taken as part of the American diet from the 20th century. The steak has no better way of tasting than Santa Maria BBQ. The tip is grilled completely making it tender from the insider and crispier from the outside.

It is quite a smoky dish served with a green salad, garlic bread, salsa Fresca and of course pinquito beans. Try this dish in any restaurant in Santa Maria.

5. Burgers

Talk of America and there you have their juicy and tender burgers with varieties of fillings. The Californian burgers have avocadoes as their filling through bacon strips. In Paso Robles, head straight to J’s burgers for cheeseburgers, hamburgers, along with veggie burgers made with their unique taste and ingredients.

Apart from avocadoes, the fillings can be of tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and hand made pickles. Black Angus burgers have grilled onions and American cheese as their fillings.

These are the most famous dishes to try in California! If ever you visit California, take on this gastronomical journey for these tantalizing food items!

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