Power Yoga – The Basics

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Power Yoga History and Health Benefits
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Power yoga, a westernised version of the Indian Ashtanga yoga, has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years. Power yoga is a complete workout to gain stamina, strength, flexibility and proper fitness. It lays special emphasis on the core stability i.e. of the abdomen and lower back. Based on Suryanamaskar [sun salutations], it is a full-fledged workout that helps in cleansing the body and awakening the mind and spirit.

The Vital Objectives of Power yoga:

6 Benefits of Power Yoga | On The Table

1. To increase the energy for awakening the spiritual potential.

This helps the person to get in touch with their inner self and become more aware and sensitive towards their surroundings. The focus is mainly on balancing the breath with the asanas and connecting the body, mind, and spirit at the deepest levels

2. To encourage all parts of the body to work efficiently.

The exercises are designed to enhance strength and release tension and stress from the body and mind. It not only relieves you from all anxieties but also cleanses your body and ensures all the parts work in coordination of your central focus.

3. To train the body as one single unit and enhance performance.

It helps to develop physical stamina and improves focus and concentration. It lays emphasis on doing the right form of asanas, while trying to retain the positions for a longer period and revoking the inner core.

The Basics:

The below video showcases the basics of Power yoga and the correct way to do it.

Power Yoga Basics

Power yoga is an individual-specific with the exercises being determined by the body type you possess and health conditions that you may want to improve. By using the special breathing techniques called Vinyasa, you can make your core Power yoga techniques more graceful and in harmony with your body.

Working on different body parts simultaneously, it strengthens the immune system helping it ward-off diseases and give a forewarning of a health problem [at the first possible indication]. Since Power yoga is fast-paced, you sweat a lot more and this flushes out toxins from the body. It also removes excess fat and improves metabolism.

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